Humanist Namings

by Patrick Cas​sidy

Naming Ceremonies

Your child’s Naming Ceremony is a personal, meaningful celebration of their special place in your family and your dreams for their future.

Your child's naming ceremony is a highly personalised event which reflects your family and your wishes for your child. The ceremony can be held in any location so you have the freedom to decide where you’d like to hold the celebration.

The focus of a Naming Ceremony is about your child and the hopes and aspirations have for his or her future.

It is an opportunity to welcome his or her into your family and celebrate their arrival with your loved ones.

Planning the Perfect Naming

Having a Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome children into the family – whether they are newly born, some years old, step-children or an adopted child – in a setting that is comfortable to you.

Do I help with ideas for the ceremony? Yes I do! I will spend time with you planning your perfect ceremony for both of you and your child. I will do this by getting to know you and your family. I will spend time with you to write your story before bringing it all together in a ceremony that will feel like a perfect reflection of your little one.

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