Humanist Funerals

by Patrick Cas​sidy

Humanist Funerals

In addition to being a Humanist Association of Ireland Celebrant, I'm proud to say that I am an OCN London Level 3 diploma accredited trained funeral celebrant. Being a Celebrant is the most rewarding role I’ve had and I love it. Meeting amazing, new people and being a part of their significant life moments is a wonderful privilege. I use many of the skills developed throughout my career to create highly personal and imaginative ceremonies which foster the need to celebrate life and all its wonders.

A funeral is a sad and emotional event but it is also a celebration of a loved-one's life and of the joy and happiness that knowing them brought – someone who was special to those around them. A Humanist funeral is a non-religious ceremony which marks the passing of a loved one by balancing the sadness and the sense of loss with a celebration of the life that was lived. A Humanist funeral offers a personal and fitting way to support the family in saying goodbye to those who have chosen not to have religion as part of their funeral service.

Here to Support You

A Humanist Celebrant supports the family and friends to celebrate the life of the person who has died. He/she will focus on the life the person has led, the relationships they forged, and the legacy they have left. They are based on the humanist perspective; that every life is individual and valuable.

A ceremony conducted by a Humanist celebrant is both a celebration of the person’s life while at the same time being a dignified, personal farewell. A Humanist funeral service is the perfect option for families who want a sincere, personal reflection on the life of their loved one. This can be especially important if the person who died preferred not to have a religious ceremony.

I know what a shocking and distressing time it is when someone you love passes away, and I will guide you every step of the way through the process of creating a ceremony for your loved one. Working with you and listening to you, I will work with you to create and deliver a meaningful and worthwhile non-religious funeral ceremony that celebrates and remembers the person’s life; the life they lived, the things they did and the people who loved them.

We will agree on the way you would like the funeral of your loved one to be and the way that you would like to remember them. I talk to you; the family, or those you have chosen to arrange the funeral, to find out about the deceased person and your wishes for the funeral. I write the ceremony, liaise with the funeral director and keep you informed. Then on the day, I officiate the funeral at the crematorium, burial place, or wherever committal you have chosen.

A Perfect Memorial

I always do my best to create and deliver a funeral ceremony which marks the person’s death in a way that is meaningful for those attending, reflecting their full value to families and friends, and the wider community of which they were a part.

As funeral celebrant my primary task is to assist the family in creating a funeral that fully reflects the person’s nature and their personality.

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